Thursday, July 31, 2008

She wears Estee Lauder "Beautiful"

I did a few projects to sell at last weekend's market. I made color copies of them and cut them down to little 3x5" cards and stuffed them in some envelopes I had left over from the wedding. I was selling packs of 6 cards for $5 which I thought was reasonable. But no new customers looked at them, having been distracted by Asher's art that was overwhelming the table. Note to hubby, get your own darn card table next time (this one's MY mama's).
I did a brown haired pin-up because I felt like I was being blind to brunettes lately. She reminds me of my old friend, Elise, who made chain smoking, drinking and dousing yourself in perfume so damn sexy.
The "My Little Peony" card is a play on words that I thought I was so clever to think up. I googled it later and found out it had been thought of before. Anyway, I still think it is cute and it reminds me of my wedding and all of the beautiful peonies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The last of the holdouts just caved.....

I am now Megan Loctor officially at the workplace. This was the last place where I was still known as Megan Hardy. I must say it was a bit easy since I could still say I was Megan Hardy which comes more naturally since that was who I was for 32 years. But it was time. The transition was afoot. And now it is complete. So what was the first thing I did? Sent my honey-bun an email to let him know.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photoshop away-oh, away-oh!

I savor these silly pics Ness creates. With a mama like this, JB is bound to be a crafty one.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Square is my backyard....

We set up a stand at Saturday Market from noon-4 to sell Asher's artwork and my cut 'n paste cards made into greeting cards by the power of color copies. It was a nice day and we sat in the sun and welcomed tourists, locals and my peeps. Mom, Dad, Dev, Bread, MA and Nicole all came through to holler at us. It was lovely, like sitting in our backyard but hustling art at the very same time!

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's no Biggie

I think Big was depressed yesterday since he simply could not get himself out of bed. He always wakes up with me and lays in the bathroom with his head layed out on the scale like it is his pillow. He watches me while I get ready for work. But yesterday he just stayed in bed.

And when I got home he came to greet me as usual but minutes later when I was sitting down for craft time, he was no where. And the back door was open so he could go play with "Pet Cemetary" (the mangy nieghborhood cat) if he wanted.

I went to check. Yep, laying on the bed.

Asher claims it is because Big values a well made bed. Since Asher made the bed in the morning he said both Big and Mox slept there all day long. But the behavior is so unlike the Big I know that I thought something must be wrong. So I just gave him lots of love and Gma and Gpa came over to give love too. Snuggles for Biggins!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

He's my mister, I'm his miss. Gonna be til we're old.

I just pinch myself.
Yesterday I was reading my blogs, stretched out on the couch and he got up to close the drapes. He turned back and just stared at me. I said, "What?" in my usual sassy way.
He said, "I just look at you and you are so beautiful." Then he came and flopped on top of me and I forgot all about my blogs.
Lucky me!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


On Saturdays, if I don't have a yummy wedding to attend, I get to sell my art with Asher down in Pioneer Square in Seattle. The anticipation led Asher to propose that each night this week we have art sessions to prepare our goods to sell. I was so excited and immediately accepted another of his proposals! "Yes, yes!"

If you are in Seattle on Saturday, come see us. We will be set up by the Fireman statue in Pioneer Square!

My Next Pin-Up Girl Art Project

I love her!
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