Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Shreddin'

Ha! I wish that meant I was sitting on my rump shredding illegal documents. But no, it actually means I am getting my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser's hard body).
I have read so much about this exercise video and it kept popping up on a bunch of blogs I read. I ordered it from Amazon for like $8 after I read review after review about how much she kicks your boot-tay. I have to say, I am on level one and I can't do the whole thing all the way through. It is basic moves, jumping jacks and push ups, nothing fancy. I don't love the music or even her talking to me but I kind of feel like I can make myself do it for 20 minutes a day. And maybe after 30 days I will lose 20 L. B.'s like they say on the cover. Ha!
It used to be that when I focused on something, I became obsessed with it. I went so full force, got some consumed by it that soon it became less than thrilling. So...I'm going to start doing lots of different stuff: Weight Watchers, exercise videos, walking outside, riding bikes, taebo, whatevs. And maybe this time it will just be normal and not some freaky, obsessive, unsustainable choice. Just good old fashioned exercise. Like push ups and uh...jumping jacks.

Hank Cameron's Blog

If you made it here then you know that little Hank was born last September. He now has his very own blog and Dev (aka Mollie) updates it quite frequently with scrumptious little pics.
Already, Biggie was a featured guest on the blog:
When Hank and Biggie met, Hank would shake from excitement. Big loved him right back. I have never seen an animal behave the way Bigs does. He simply cannot get enough of children. Being 15 pounds, he lives up to his name and frequently enjoys the company of a certain little 13 pounder.
He also loves up Josie when she is in town.
Go visit their blogs, you will see that my brother and sister have made some beautiful babies! I can't wait to have my own baby blog someday!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

GraffRoot's Blog

I just finished making a blog for Asher (he hasn't seen it yet because he's at the market). Check it out, love it and subscribe so he can have a big old posse.

His goal is to put up new work as he makes it. Should be very cool to follow since I am always excited to see what he churns out.
Ready, Set, Go... GraffRoots

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Immigration Babies

Asher and I had our interview with immigration on Thursday afternoon.
It was a bit nerve-wracking because we weren't really prepared for what they would ask us, what would happen after the door shut behind us.
But sitting in the waiting room all around were families from different countries: Nepal, Africa, China, South America, the islands. There were little babies running their parents in circles and up and down stairs. Little one and two year olds who had just learned to use their legs. The cutest, chubbiest little babies of mixed heritage, half American and half from somewhere else in this big world. I looked at Asher and wondered who we might create, what they might look like, who they might choose to marry and create a child with. It makes the world feel very small and connected.
I have always wondered how it happened that a Seattle girl and a St. Lucian man would meet by chance or fate in a friend's apartment in Brooklyn. Who would wake up in a different apartment in Philly two days later, and completely in love.
We stayed at Taylor's apartment in Philly and Taylor had a world map printed on his shower curtain. I remember standing naked in front of it in the humid, sticky summer air. Drawing my hand from St. Lucia to New York, Seattle to New York. Amazed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week 2 also known as...Shame.On.Me.

Wordle: Point 2

I thought it was so easy. I got cocky. I figured, I had changed my pizza delivery ordering, 2% mocha drinking ways so the weight was just gonna slid off, right? Nope.

I ordered this salad at California Pizza Kitchen and didn't check the stats and the honey dijon vinegarette had more calories than the blue cheese I had sacraficed! I will never eat without checking the stats again. I also didn't eat as many veggies and fruits as the week before and I ate out. A lot.

So next week I expect greatness, I have learned my lesson. Hey there Goal, don't worry, I didn't forget about you. I will make it up to you next week.