Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sign Language

You know when you see a picture and a memory comes back to you and then you think...why in the world did I remember that just by looking at this simple little interior design photo?
Well just now I looked at this picture....
And those two little beds made me think of when Dev and I got our wisdom teeth pulled. They did us at the same time (or maybe one after the other?) and then we slept off the anesthesia on these little beds. I was on the left and Dev was on the right. When we woke up, we couldn't speak for fear of what had been done to us and also because our mouths were filled up with cotton. So we did sign language to each other.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
What a nice way to wake up.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sexy Pictures

I found these pictures and it reminded me of the time I had a boyfriend who was going to work on a fishing boat. While he was up there, I wanted to send him a care package and include some sexy pictures of me.
My little Dev took poloroids of me in lingerie and she made it fun and comfortable and when a picture turned out bad we just redid it. I even did a little pose like the one on the upper left but I had cute little undies on.
I kept the pictures when we broke up and they will just stay there in the drawer for me to go back to every once in awhile for a thrill. I think every girl should do this.

picture from White Lightning

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So it took me exactly 6 hours to fall in love with something new....Holy cow. I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing when I found them. They are made of rubber...and it is scented to smell yummy. This is my next paycheck splurge (MONDAY)!
Here's what the website says...
Ladies - catch your breath. This unbelievably cute heel is the latest collaboration between Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Melissa. The Lady Dragon has a baby blue finish with adjustable slingback strap, peep-toe and red heart ornament.As with all Melissa shoes, they're crafted in Brazil of natural and sustainable rubber. They are extremely comfortable, mold to your feet after just a few wears, are totally waterproof, and can be cleaned in a sink with good 'ol soap and water.
Notice they mention breathlessness?! And the other adorable colors!
And you could be a bride and wear them! Holy Moly!
Max Wegner

Big Money

We officially have tickets to go to Long Beach to spend Sept. 9-13th with T, V&J. Our tickets were cheap! Only $350 for two round trip tickets on Jet Blue. And I will only work two days that week since it is the week of Labor Day. No work on Monday, only Tuesday and Wednesday. Yippee!

Also, it's the second Friday of the month which means it's the Long Beach Roll out. Ness and I will lace up our roller skates and Asher and Thomas will skateboard along side us, all through the town. How exciting. I'm gonna have to get one of Nessa's shirts that says...I "skate" LBC!
And today I found this Kate Spade vase on One Kings Lane:
And it matches two of the vases we got for our wedding: (I have the big pink one, and the small turquoise and now the little pink one. I can think of a ton of cute little arrangements with these beautiful vases...)

And only $45 and it's really heavy, leaded glass. I can hit someone over the head with it if they try to break in to our house. So I bought that too. Now I'm all done spending the big dough...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City

I wanted to write about our anniversary trip to New York but I have been slackin'. I'll get to it eventually but right now I just have this lump in my throat because I want to move there so badly. I just saw a picture of an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn and I just felt like I needed to go home and tell Asher that we need to go. NOW.

Everything rational inside me says it isn't the right time, it never will be. I lost my chance when Asher moved out here, when I didn't do more to move out to be with him. But that would have been a different life. We wouldn't be where we are today. How can I leave family? How would we survive? Would Asher be able to do art for his work? Could I find a job that I loved? When could we have babies and then how would we feed and care for them?
So yes, more questions that answers and it wouldn't make sense but goddamn it...I just can't let this dream die.