Thursday, June 26, 2008

I want to be good, I do

Today I want to be better at:
  1. removing my nail polish when it starts to chip off
  2. not going to work with wet hair
  3. not leaning on my elbows
  4. doing things I think about doing (see #4-6)
  5. finishing thank you cards and making them meaningful
  6. designing an invitation for Dev's baby shower
  7. exercising

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The rings please?

We just received the complete disc with our professional pictures on it and look at these amazing pictures of our rings. We had two ring bowls from Poloma's Nest on etsy and each of our little ring bearers carried one, amazing considering they are two and three years old. Shout out to Macoy & Maverick!

The bowl that held Asher's ring said, "Of this we are certain" which is from a poem we read in our vows. The other bowl held my rings and said, "you are surrounded by my enduring love" which was an excerpt from our vow ceremony. This is one of my favorite details and I am so thankful to my Dev (Matron of Honor) for getting our photographer to captured it!
PS. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.
Thanks to Cheryl @!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grab your innertube!

Yesterday we were riding our bikes on the Cedar River trail and the river is really high and it is running at a good pace. It made me want to go tubing but I thought it might be illegal. Asher and I talked about how we would escape the authorities if they tried to stop us. Then I google it and what do I find? It is perfectly legit and they even give you 7-step instructions if you can't figure it out for yourself. Hot weather? Look for us there!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Arts & Crafts, Cut & Paste

One of the first things Asher and I decided about the wedding was that we would have art everywhere. Since we were married in the Glass Museum, we wanted to add to the artistic element with our own art. I made my cut-n-paste art and it was a hit. Some people even took the art with them when they left (to our surprise). I kinda want to know who took which ones and why. It has always been a hobby-type thing for me and sometimes, it feels silly. And sometimes I am very proud. I think about getting my act together and making homemade cards to sell on etsy. Someone please add more hours to my day cause right now kissing my new husband and loving my big and little kitty pretty much fill my non-working waking hours.
PS. You can click on the pictures to make them very big.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Playlist

I am seriously busy today but I am listening to my playlist on my blog while I work and I totally recommend it. This is what I wanted the dj to play. It would have cramed the dancefloor at our wedding, I'm sure. He played the macarena. There was a pre-wedding consultation were I said no to that sorta thing. But I guess people still danced so what do I know. Now, Asher and I hear songs and we turn to eachother and say, "Ooooooh, we should have asked him to play this..." and most times it was on the have-to-play list.
Someday we will throw a little party and have our ipod do the work.

Sleeping Bodies

Asher did his first fill-in since he came to the West(side). He did it while I was sleeping on Wednesday night. I had no idea he left because I always go to bed first.

Tangent: Even if he falls asleep on the couch and I wake him up to go to bed, he won't go. He considers it as being told to go to bed, like he has a bedtime. Last night, I woke him up to go to bed and he said that now he was completely awake. So I layed in bed trying to sleep. And if he was still awake out there, he spent 45 minutes watching an infomercial for the "Cricket" which is a cool machine but something I can't imagine he is that interested in. But I gave up.

Anyway....last night he did another one on a closed up apartment complex. It was boarded up, I'm sure, because of the number of meth-heads that lived there. I think it is cool that he is doing an art-form that I believe in but...I am scared. I don't want anything to happen to him (us).

But the funny thing about all this....he keeps running into bums sleeping in his prime locations. And they kinda scare him with their motionless lumps. I fully agree with him on the scary factor. You think you are alone in the night and then you fash your phone-light and see bodies all around you. Scary! But, I don't really think bums care about graffiti. It is just disconcerting that there are so many people just sleeping out there in the open in the middle of it all.


Someone told Asher that he looked like Lil Wayne the other day. I swear, is it just because of the dreadlocks? My man is 10, Lil Wayne is down there with the 1s and 2s.

People used to tell me I looked like Drew Barrymore or Melanie Griffith both of which were flattering in 1994 (pre-plastic surgery Melanie). But I think it had more to do with our voices being similarly youthful sounding, more than by actual looks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We received a few photos from our photographer which made me feel relieved! This was one aspect I thought was perfect and then the day of the wedding, I was worried that all of it wouldn't be captured.

Honestly, I barely saw Cheryl at all that day so I thought she was absent. I guess that is the work of a photojournalist photographer - they just capture moments that are happening, not staged. Seriously, see the one where Asher is putting the rings on my finger. Amazing!

Photos from Cheryl Jones at

Mrs. Loctor

It is official, I have a new license from the DMV with my picture and another name on it.

I gave the woman the paperwork, she had me sign my new name. Then, I wrote the check and signed my old name. She told me to wait for them to call my name.

A few minutes later, a man called, 'Megan Loctor?'

My tummy did little flip-flops and I felt my face get flush. I walked over and told him, 'That's the first time I've heard my new name called.' He said, 'Oh, it must be Mrs. Loctor then?' Yep, Mrs. Loctor.

'Well, stand behind that line and smile until you see the flash, Mrs. Loctor.'

'This will be your temporary card for the next 2 weeks until your new license arrives, Mrs. Loctor.'

'Thank you, Mrs. Loctor.'

He really said it that many times! I giggled and left with butterflies in my tummy. I knew it was going to happen but hearing and responding to my new name was really strange and funny.

Love + my latest alias,


Where did Ashondie come from?

Ashondie is the celebrity couple name for Asher and I. See it is part Asher, part Blondie.

When Asher and I were a new couple, I took advantage of my free time and free copy machine at my old job. I spent time re-sizing both of our heads so that they would fit over Heidi Klum and Seal's heads in an ad. They were the best photo I could find with an interracial couple and our heads ended up fitting perfectly. I mailed the picture to Asher, stuck inside of a People magazine.

I remember when he got it, his friend and his friend's girlfriend were there and they were like, "she's kinda crazy." And his friend was like, "why don't you do stuff like that for me?" to his girlfriend.

One of the best things about meeting someone and having a long distance romance is that you have an opportunity to surprise and delight them in unexpected ways. We had ridiculously long telephone conversations and lots of packages sent through the mail. I got creative and once sent him pumpkin bread via priority mail. The post office lady loved it (and so did Asher)!

Now that we are newly married, we are the Loctors but I still like the sound of Ashondie. It reminds me of where we started.