Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What's a Pin-up Girl with blue hair?

Answer....My first etsy sale!
I was so excited to get my first sale and since it was a custom request, the buyer asked me to do a girl that looked like her. She has blue hair. I clicked over to her profile on etsy and saw that she loved bunnies.
Here is the cute!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Era

Today is the first day of Asher selling at the world famous Pike Place Market.

I just talked to him and the set up went well, he is focusing on relaxing and making some sales. According to the website, 10 million visitors walk through there a year, making it one of Washington's most frequently visited destinations. How could you get a bigger audience? It is an amazing opportunity and I am so proud of my hubby for being selected and making a go of it.

One of the first weekends after Asher moved here from Brooklyn, I took him down to the Market. We walked through slowly, taking it all in. Towards the end of the row of vendors, we ran into a guy doing caricatures and drawing on trucker hats. At the time, I was wearing the hat Asher had made for me with my nickname, Blondie, written on it in graffiti. They admired each other's work. That guy was Mr. Dan who has been such a supporter of Asher's work and a good friend. And now they are working together. In the Market. How cool is that?

Check out the website: Also you can see his work on his page at And Dan's work at

And if you are in the area, stop by the booth and say "Hello" and buy something rad!
Here is a pic from Dan's website of his booth at the market.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping Spree!

I blame:
1 - Trisha for telling me she just went shopping on
2 - work being so slow
I went to JCrew online and shopped. Found a coupon code but it was expired. Called in to see if I could play dumb. It worked and the guy gave me the "EXTRA30" 30% off as well as 20% off and free shipping because my order was initially over $150. Basically, I got the shoes of my dreams, a t-shirt and headband for $80. But seriously....look at these shoes. How could I resist, I ask? I have been eyeing them since they first came out. My little Lulus!! It was a serious debate between the pink and the yellow. But as is usually the case, the pink won out. AHHHH! 5-7 days until my feet feel the glory.
I'm being dramatic but...I think I will name my first girl after them. Lulu Loctor....squeal!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surrounded by Artists

At our wedding we asked our close friends who are artists to gift us their art to display at the wedding. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the work we were honored to receive. These were the best gifts I could have wished for because they were made for us and displayed at our wedding and now they live on our walls. We are so lucky.
Jessie, my bridesmaid and the girl responsible for putting Asher and I in the same place, lives in Brooklyn and is an amateur photographer. She sent us several bad ass pictures of buildings, trains and graffiti.

Dan works at the Pike Place Market in Seattle and he made us this huge canvas that is completely his style. He has contributed greatly to Asher's success in the Seattle art scene and this winter Asher will be selling with him at the world renowned market.
MA made this painting for us based on our engagement pictures on the Save the Date card. It is gorgeous and he framed it in the coolest blue frame. He has also been instrumental in setting Asher up with art showings and his girlfriend, Nicole is wonderful.

Then of course, Asher and I made art for each table. So fun but so much work!

How can we ever thank our peeps for this amazing art?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can!

Asher made me a shirt to wear today and I am wearing it with pride! Here I am outside this morning with the lawn sign I have had up since March!
After work I'm going to take Asher with me to the polls so he can see how democracy works and so we can both tell our children what we did on this historic day.
  • 88 years ago women were granted the right to vote
  • 53 years ago Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus
  • 45 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech
  • 43 years ago, discriminatory voting practices were outlawed
  • 41 years ago, Interracial Marriage was Legalized. Obama was born when it was still illegal for his parents to marry in some states of the US.
  • 40 years ago, MLK was killed for his belief in civil rights for all
  • 10 months ago, Josie Bean Lily was born. It is her future!
  • 5 months ago Asher & I got interracially married
  • 5 weeks ago Hank Cameron was born. It is his future!
  • And someday, my (future) kids will be able to say that there was a President who looked like them! And he was an honorable man, worthy of the title.

Love + HOPE,

Friday, October 24, 2008

Etsy Love

Asher and I decided that this year, in an effort to support individuals creating art, we are going to do all of our Christmas shopping on etsy. This is going to be difficult for certain individuals (hi Daddio!) but I think it will be do-able. The goal is to pick something perfect that most likely isn't on their wish list but if they knew it existed they would want it bad. So bad.

The other night, Asher asked me to "heart" him on etsy (mark him as a favorite shop). It was kind of a sad moment. But today I looked at his page and saw the image below and I was so happy I was the only one there. It's me and him and how cute is that?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I fell for you.....

I have no idea what kind of music this is but every time this commerical comes on Asher sings it all the way through to me. I am usually laying in his lap and he is usually playing with my hair. And it is simply perfect, I melt.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

We saw this movie yesterday and it was so sweet. It gave me that knot in my throat that makes me want to erupt in emotion. I loved this movie and Asher loved it too. Then, this guy behind us scolded the theater for aplauding after the movie and we both wished we had started clapping vigorously and screaming whoops and yelps but we didn't tell eachother until were out walking on the sidewalk. He was an ass trying to shut down other people's joy. But the movie...the movie was great. Really sweet.

The Loctor Comedy Show

Asher: What?
Me: Nothing I was just looking at you.
Asher: No, you were staring.
Me: No, I blinked.

(insert giggles)

Me: I think I need to have a baby so I can get attention.
Asher: Broke and homeless gets a lot of attention too.

(insert giggles)

The debut

Here is a pic of me and Asher with baby Hank. It is not only Hank's debut but the debut of my new hairdo. Baby, this hair's got history.
After high school graduation, I bleached my hair. I had hair to the small of my back and I went to a salon in Portland and they botched it. It was yellow, like butter. I paid $100 and after being there for 8 hours, while the hair dresser ran up and down the street to get other hairdresser's opinions, I still gave the girl a tip.
My mom, always against the idea of me coloring or bleaching my hair, thought it looked terrible. I relinquished my pride and reluctantly agreed. She took me to the hairdresser who did her hair. She cut off a foot and a half of dry, damaged, yellow locks and left me with a platinum boy cut to start college with.
The hair eventually grew into a bob and eventually was shaved off (all but the bangs, into a "Chelsea cut") and then I eventually grew it back, all the way down to my butt. And through it all, I bleached it myself, at home, for $6 with products from Sally's Beauty Supply.
When I decided to let it grow back to natural blonde, I can't remember why. I know I was in a horribly bad relationship that I was in denial about and with his influence I had been dangerously close to cutting myself off from my family. On a visit from Portland to Seattle, my mom took me to her hairdresser and I began the slow transition from platinum to natural, multi-shade blonde. Each time I needed my hair done, my mom would have me visit and we would go to the guy and he would fix me up.
Two years ago, when I met Asher, I had the compulsion to go light again. He met me with natural - all me - blonde hair. On the next trip to NYC I had blonder highlights and by the time he moved here, I was thinking platinum again. He loved that I changed my hair often.
But when I got engaged last year, mom got worried. She and I worked with two hairdressers to return my hair to a light natural-colored blonde. It didn't quite work and it ended up still white on the ends, with darker roots. None of them would put low-lights (darker pieces) in for fear of having it not take.
So after the wedding, I decided I wanted a change. I went to my girl and she gave me both a terrible haircut and color - choppy crazy layers and brownish grey hair, not any color you would frame your face in. I was sad because she didn't listen to A WORD I said about the color or the cut. Everyone at work lied to me, those who didn't lie stayed silent as if no major change had taken place. Until, the VP of the company came in to work. She immediately said, "It is terrible, I'm sending you to my girl. My treat." So I eagerly went to her salon in downtown Seattle and I was transformed. The haircut fixed, to the best of her abilities, and the color made into a darker blonde, more intentional shade.
Over the course of the last week, I became high maintenance. With my new hair, I blow dry, curl, hairspray, apply makeup and shocking lip colors. Asher is overwhelmed. Every time I leave the house without him he says, "now remember you have a husband at home" and slaps my butt. Everyone at work, seriously, like 15 people, were like "wow, I love your new look." Relief. Though I spend at least 20 minutes more on my hair than I did before, I now have a style that can do so many different looks (see the Farrah in the pic above). I found that when you put more effort into your appearance, you actually feel better about yourself (duh). And this look is so much more interesting than the straight, long, white-blonde hair.
A girl can only go through so much related to her hair.
PS. this new haircut would totally look hot platinum -blonde. I am restraining myself.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am a convert

I most always wear high heels. Or I should say until this week I always wore high heels. Even on the weekends and even though I am taller than my husband who is my same height in flat shoes. But I bought some cute, cute jeans at Lane Bryant and wandered next door and bought some cute, cute flats at Payless.

I love my jeans. They are sexy, long, stylish and they totally fit me right, curves and all. I love jeans and have about 30 pair in my closet that I buy thinking they will be "the ones" but they wash up weird or end up looking terrible on me. It is hard because I am in this place in between normal and plus sized clothes so usually the normal girl pants are too tight and the plus size girl jeans are ugly and too big or ill fitting. I love my new jeans. Asher loves my butt in my new jeans.

I never shop at Payless but I recently saw on the Patricia Fields website that she is designing a line for them. My store doesn't carry them but they carry other styles that are so super cute. And if I want to buy the Patricia Field's designs they give free shipping and free returns in the store. Plus, they are coupon crazy so I got a pair today for $10!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hank Cameron Ewing

This is the little boy who stole our hearts.

Sept 28, 2008 - 4:35p.m.

7Lbs. 10.9Oz

20Inches long

13.75 Inch Head

Hank's daddy likes to wear all kinds of hats so we think there may be a custom fedeora or kangol on the way. Why else measure the head?

Dev did such a good job, pushing him hard to get him out. He is a good sleeper and a good eater and he got the best of both gene pools. What a cutie!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My precious little Dev

My little Dev is going to be a mom in the next few days. It is one of those mysteries of life that catches my breath. Because I am the last one in the family to be married and the last one to be thinking seriously about having children, I have watched this stuff happen to people around me, people I love the most. And inside me I am always a bit off guard by these momentous steps that happen so easily and naturally.
One day, when I was almost three, I was taken to the hospital to get a first look at my little sister. This glace at a little baby is my very first solid memory and I can actually draw that fuzzy feeling image back. She was all mine until eighteen years later when she met B and then slowly we detached and she became his.
Now, she is on bed rest, waiting for her baby boy to decide he is ready. She and B will be a mom and a dad, like our parents are for us. They will give him the best they can, raise him to be a good, strong, loving man and make sure he gets lots of tickles and raspberry blows on his belly, even when he is too old to allow himself to enjoy it. Maybe he will play drums like B did or violin like Dev. Ultimately, no matter how cute his name is, I will always call him something else, like I did with his mama.
And for now, he will have at least one cousin (shout out to JB) who he will grow up with and their lives will follow the same track of innocence, freedom, love and they will feel the same awe when life starts happening around them and then finally, to them.

Real Wedding Goodness

Today my photographer, Cheryl ( emailed me to ask if she could submit our wedding for the "Real Weddings" feature on She thought the mix of cultures and the art aspect we added to the wedding would make a good story.

Just yesterday I was sorting through pictures to put in a little "Just Married" photo album. There were too many of my favorites to fit in the book. I am so thankful to have such pretty pictures. In the moment, it just went by too fast, I couldn't take it all in. So thank goodness I get to relive it again and again.

Does everyone think their wedding was worth a feature story? I feel like it may be my dramatic streak but honestly....when I was planning the wedding I was tablecloths at a wedding? graffiti? art? guys with dreds marrying curvy blonde girls? There weren't any pics that I could find for inspiration so as soon as I let myself be okay with our decisions, it all came together. In Magazine-Worthy fashion, of course.

Invest in the fat kind

Never scrimp and save and try to get by on "Low Fat Show Churned Cookies & Cream" ice cream. It was $2.99 for a gallon instead of $3.99 so to save a buck I bought the Safeway brand. I've tested other brands of slow churned at Dev's and they were yummy but....seriously, it is not worth the lack of fat and $1 difference.
This "ice cream" actually tasted warm straight out of the freezer. It was the frothy texture and fake-sweetness and it was no good.
Take me on my word.

Monday, September 8, 2008

They're just words but....

Over the weekend, I coordinated my brother-in-law's sister's wedding (my sister's husband's sister). It sounds complicated but we are actually close families since my sister and her husband have been together for 11 years. I volunteered to help Katie with her wedding to build my portfolio for my new event planning business. And also, because I had heard they could use the help.

At the rehearsal we ran through the processional order and proceeded to eat a 7 course Italian meal that ended with tiramisu. Ugh, it was delicious. Katie's fiance's family was there from New York so we were all very loud and animated and it was the best combo of Northwesterners and New Yorkers that we had at our wedding. The best man, complete with Long Island accent and Irish eyes twinkling, proceeded to both kick a bum out of the restaurant who was asking for money and soothe a little baby boy who would not stop crying. He also made me cry during his speech and then had me laughing my head off with an interpretive ribbon dance. Seriously! The photographer, a close family friend, danced with the bride and he was holding her so tight. His sister grabbed his camera to try to document it but she couldn't figure out how to work it. After the dance ended, he was visible choked up with tears in his eyes. It was the sweetest moment. A fantastic group of people.

Katie had asked me to show up at 3 on Sunday but thankfully I knew better. I got there at 11:30 and got to add flower arranger to my list of duties. Katie had asked me for the ceremony that we used so she could use it as a guideline. I took out some of our very personal things but left some others like the welcome and the ring exchange ceremony for her to use as guidance. She ended up loving it and using it for their ceremony. Asher and I sat there, a few rows back, listening to our words in another beautiful wedding and it all felt so fresh again. It was just what we needed and reminded us that it is me and him, better or worse, we gotta work it out. They are just words but they sealed us, and now Katie and Michael, together as family.

It is hard doing the coordinating. I am so sore today and very sleepy but I loved it. When I was planning our wedding I knew I loved it but I have had my doubts about whether I just loved it because it was my own wedding. Yes, my wedding was special beyond words but also I just love weddings and I am really good at planning and telling people what to do and where to go (bossy? yes, bossy). And I guess I never would have known that if I hadn't had my own wedding. So I'm going forward with it. And I have another wedding on October 11th, for a stranger I met on Craigslist, and now I am totally confident that I can pull it off.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Washing Whites

I was just doing a whole bucket full of laundry in the basement and had a memory return.

It was the first time I went to Brooklyn to visit Asher after we met. I was there for five days, I think, and one of the days, I think it was Sunday, he had to do laundry. He had asked me, "I'm going to do laundry, do you want to go with me?" I said, "Do you want me to go with you?" He got mad at me for this and was like, "Yo! I just asked you. Either you do or you don't, simple question." We were getting used to each other and the me who was sassy and full of attitude was crushing under this new thing I felt for him. So finally I said, "Okay". I remember the walk to the laundromat and exactly what I was wearing (DKNY jeans and a purple t-shirt) and we walked out on his front stoop and he introduced me to a friend who gave him a fist pound.

So I went with him and decided I would throw in some clothes in with his wash. He refused, refused to wash my panties with his clothes. He said it wasn't right but I could throw my shirts in with his. I said it wasn't right to pay $75 more cents to wash three pairs of panties alone, that he was being ridiculous. He claimed his mother didn't raise him that way. I laid down the law and said, "I'm sorry but you will have to deal with it" and threw my panties in with his load. We watched them mix in and turn in circles over and over again. And that was that. Apparently when we willed my opinionated self to come back, it came back fierce.

Edit****I just realized it was this very same Labor Day weekend, exactly two years later. I am happy to report our unmentionables are cohabitating nicely in the washing machine right now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Woodland Shower

Last weekend was my Dev's baby shower, it turned out so well and the mama was very appreciative. Yesterday was she and B's 4 year wedding anniversary. They will have a new baby within the next month and we expect he will completely change their lives.

Baby Ewing, here are some pictures of the party I threw you.*

*With a trunkload of help from Heidi (Dev's good friend).

While I am on the subject of money

We just received a generous monetary gift from an old family friend and we don't know what we are going to do with it. When the wedding money comes in, there is so much weight to it. You feel an obligation to spend it on something that will signify the beginning of your lives. First thought....a fancy paper cutter (Asher calls it a guillotine, which I love). Second thought, another set of our flatware. We have 6 sets so far and it is so lovely, I don't mind accumulating slowly and bustin' suds often.

We also got a big gift card to Target from my mama's cousin. I tried to keep this one a secret but when I checked the balance online, I accidently left it there and Asher found it.

And last Tuesday night, we attended a timeshare presentation and received a $50 American Express gift card and a three night stay at a resort nearby. All for being tempted focus our lives around vacations (as if we weren't trying that trick already).

We haven't decided what to do with all this yet so right now we are feeling loaded.

When it gets tough...follow our lead

It is no secret that Asher and I are having a hard time with our money situation. I make a good salary and he is doing art full time but it doesn't add up after the bills are paid. In addition to us loving each other and desiring to be together, it was also helpful to get married so he can attain a green card (he doesn't have a US work permit). It is a hardship I could talk endlessly about since it means I don't get to buy shoes, purses, clothes or anything other than necessities with my paycheck. But since those are all material items, when I go home at night, I don't feel like I am missing too much. My feet are in desperate need of a pedicure but I can shove them into some sneakers and no one even knows.

I say all of this, hesitantly because there is a touch of shame in going without, in being broke. But I want to get to the honesty of what I have learned in this relationship. Love breeds confidence and makes you think that you can do things you only imagined. I am taking chances with my wedding coordinating business and with the new etsy shop and it is coming together and it is slowly working (holding breath).

Together, we decided that we would focus on what we love, creating art. We gather around the table and the kitties come to watch and it is just like when we eat there, we are nourished. We decided to do this etsy site together ( Last night we brainstormed and soon the site will have a fancy banner that reflects my handmade craftiness and Asher's urban graffiti aesthetic and hopefully all this love will begin to help with the bills.

We don't ask for a lot because we already know that we have exactly what we need.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love + Art + My Etsy Shop

I posted two listings on my very own, brand new, etsy site.

It was named Love + Art because my wedding company is Love + Marriage and because ever since I started writing to a pen pal when I was 18, I always closed off my letters with a ...Love + "Something Clever". So I'm starting a full service company of Love + Anything That I Feel Like. So far it is a couple different projects I like to think sort of relate to each other (marriage and art). Asher can't wait for Love + Waffles even though I am not well known for my waffles...yet.

Take it easy on me. I just wanted to get something up so I haven't refined my selling "voice" or policies. I hope to make it really dynamic with a lot of different types of art available. I wanted to have things in all price points. We'll see if I start making cards at $10 a pop and feel like I ripped myself off. I can't imagine charging more because I personally wouldn't pay more. I just know I tend to underestimate the time and effort involved. But it is, after all, a labor of love.

I hope I get a ton of business and can have my own company (companies) and quit working for someone else. Dream big? Yeah, pretty much.

Spread the word....Love+Art (LovePlusArt) was born today.

Love + crafty hands,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Reinvention

I am a total homebody, I admit it. I will look forward to something for weeks and then when the time comes, I chicken out (socially) and end up occupying myself at home. The time slips by and I am guilty every minute of it. To make things worse I married someone just like myself except he doesn't get the guilty part.

This has happened recently on the Fourth of July. I was so honestly so excited about a friend's party. As it was getting closer, I kept finding out that people I knew wouldn't be there. This is silly because I could go and have a perfectly good time. Instead, we cat-sat at my sister's house and watched a marathon of To Catch a Predator. Pathetic. We didn't even go to my parent's house to watch the fireworks over the lake, and we were housesitting there too!

I wanted to start a business but I have trouble answering my phone when it rings. I am entirely too content in my little bubble and the interruption is.....irritating.

I am going to try to reinvent myself as a social butterfly. I don't think it has gotten to unhealthy levels yet so there is still hope.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Thursday Morning Visitor

This little snippet just came back to me. It was one of those moments where I kind of felt like I didn't know who I was. Like, "Oh, this is the girl that I have become."

I was at work on Thursday. I had left that morning on weird terms with Asher because money is tight, the situation is hard. Knowing there isn't much we can do about it is even more difficult. I leave in my morning rush with just a quick peck.

I get a call at about 9:45, sitting at my desk. It is our CFO and he says, "there is someone here, I think you will know." So I walk downstairs and when I hit the hallway I smell him already. He doesn't wear too much cologne but it smells so good and it stays in the air and I know he is there. He is hiding around the corner like he did the first time I came to visit him in NY. That night, two years ago, I came off the plane and I was worried I wouldn't recognize him but I found him right away hiding from me behind a vending machine.

He had ridden the bus and then his skateboard to come see me at work, to bring me my phone which I had left behind. And he smelled and looked so good. I took him around to meet the people in the office and he was putting on jokes and messing around and charming everyone. They thought he was cute and younger than he looks in the picture by my desk. And one gal said, "he is so handsome and his smile is so sweet." I just felt really proud that he is my husband.

I always thought I would miss this part of life. My relationships before were so difficult and I thought that to be with someone you had to get that sick feeling in your stomach when they were away from you. I thought that intensity meant love but it was distrust. I was accustomed to a certain mania in trying to make things work, obsessed with making things look presentable to people even when it was me trying to glue scraps of happiness into a pretty picture.

This is not a scrap or a maniacal need or any intense feeling in my stomach. This is a man, being a man. A person who chose, of his free will, to spend life with me. It feels safe and calm and happy and filled with faith and trust. Thank goodness this is me, finally.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This weekend - Going to Grandma's

My parents bought my grandma's house when she died because otherwise they would lose the connection to the town they grew up in. It is in a town of maybe 300 people called Endicott. Just a small farm town with hot nothing to do. Except, this particular little town, holds mythical stature in my mind.

My dad's dad was the country doctor, treating patients in exchange for goods if they couldn't pay. My mom's dad, was a farmer whose cows ran to greet him when they heard his car approaching. Dad's mom had a big, lovely house with hidden rooms, lots of costume jewelry and she blended up orange juice with ice into frothy goodness . Mom's mom sat in the kitchen and drank coffee, smoking cigarettes with the ladies and she is the one I got my middle name from. Her peonies still grow because Mom and Dad tend to them, they even got the recent Yard of the Month award.

There are memories in every house, in the park, the main street, the doctor's office and with the few people left. Even if they aren't all my own memories, after years of stories, it feels like it. So you see, we couldn't leave that little town.

The house has A/C and tons of raspberries bushes in the yard and I get to swim in the huge pool where my mom set swim records when she was in high school. Mike Phelps, meet Rhonda Kay. I will work on the rest of the prep for Dev's baby shower next weekend and read tons of magazines in the hot sun. Asher can practice driving on the farm roads or just skate down the empty streets in town. Maybe we can explore some scary abandoned house on the side of the road. Who knows?

Asher doesn’t really want to go but I’m making him because it will feel like a real vacation! I think maybe I need to sell it to him a little better because I think anyone who read that whole part up there would want to go. It is a perfect escape.

Weekends in August Part 2 - Asher's Art Show

Asher was part of an urban art gallery show called "Spray it, Don't Say it." It included many different artists including some locals, a well know street artist from Paris, Jeff Aerosol, and a girl from Brooklyn who actually knew AV. She was going to fly with him to our wedding because he was scared to fly. The world just gets smaller. Plus, the artist who curated the show, Kim aka Soule, was really awesome, as was her boyfriend, and Asher will make fun when I say I want us to be friends with them.

It was a warm day except it rained while the artists were all doing live painting. Asher kept it up until the airbrush started reacting to the wetness in the air. Dev and B came and we went and had an ice cream/gelato break. B had more cider and sampled the keg.

Asher sold some prints so we were excited to go out to dinner and then Dan treated us to dinner with he and his girl, Laura. I am so excited by the exposure Asher is getting. He was interviewed for a documentary and even though I was eavesdropping and wanted to answer all the questions for him, I think he did a good job reppin' himself.

Weekends in August Part 1 - Olympia

The first weekend in August, Dev, B, Asher and I took a trip down to Olympia to spend time with Toby and Olivia. Tob is my oldest friend. I am bad at holding on to friends when I move or change or whatever and somehow with Tob, we always reconnect and still fit. It is mostly because he is a constant joke cracker and my laughtrack is always cue'd up. A year ago he married the girl most perfect for him and they made the cutest house together. She used to be vegan and was slaving away almost all day making the most deliciously vegetarian food, candied walnuts for the salad, fish and even pork chops for the meat-a-holics. What a gem. B talked us all into drinking cider and tequila with limeade (my favorite) and Dev let me feel her belly a lot and got to snuggle with the anti-social Towns while B attempted to love up the chompy/frisky old lady cat. It was a really wonderful weekend. Bonus, at one point Asher was rubbing my feet and Toby and I were talking and he was like..."I always knew you'd marry a really cool guy." I know, right?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indian Food...Strangely Easy

This doesn't really warrant its own post but....
Tasty Bite makes Indian food that you can boil in the stove in a pot of hot water (they spell tasty right, unlike my arch enemy you know who you are). When you pour it out, it is sometimes very good, sometimes OK. Never bad. It is vegetarian with lots of veggies or lentils, even cashews. Sometimes it is soupy and when I pour it on the plate I have to build rice walls to block the flavors from running into each other. We have tried a bunch of different flavors because the organic market carries a huge variety. We've had this two nights this week and because we had two flavors each time, it turned out to be a $5 meal, total, for both of us. And Big Boy was totally begging for some too, obviously feeling back to normal.

Graffiti Nonsense

Here are some spray cans Asher painted. The cans are empty. Where their contents went, I cannot reveal. The cans now function as art by themselves. They still have the rattle in there so they sound and look really cool.

And last week we received a mysterious package from Ness and she had sent Asher a Fatcap boy from Kid Robot. I assure you that Asher was overjoyed to receive this and overly defensive when I claimed it was for me. We didn't know because Ness addresses the package to herself! Inside, it also had a yummy vegetarian cookbook. Nice lil' Ness.