Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping Spree!

I blame:
1 - Trisha for telling me she just went shopping on
2 - work being so slow
I went to JCrew online and shopped. Found a coupon code but it was expired. Called in to see if I could play dumb. It worked and the guy gave me the "EXTRA30" 30% off as well as 20% off and free shipping because my order was initially over $150. Basically, I got the shoes of my dreams, a t-shirt and headband for $80. But seriously....look at these shoes. How could I resist, I ask? I have been eyeing them since they first came out. My little Lulus!! It was a serious debate between the pink and the yellow. But as is usually the case, the pink won out. AHHHH! 5-7 days until my feet feel the glory.
I'm being dramatic but...I think I will name my first girl after them. Lulu Loctor....squeal!

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