Friday, May 22, 2009


Last night I baked my very first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. It is the prettiest pie I have ever baked. Unfortunately, it is too pretty to eat.
Last night, after it came out of the oven and sat for a minute I decided we couldn't do it. It was going to be our dinner because I had been busy baking since 6 and Asher was working. But like I said, it was too pretty to eat. So I made Asher a toasted cheese sandwich and off I went to bed. It was after midnight. Why did it take me so long to bake this one special pie? I cleaned out the refrigerator in the meantime. I think I threw away one entire shopping trip to Winco in rotten vegetables. I am ashamed we didn't eat them before they grew fur.
But back to my pretty pie. I used a new recipe for the crust, this one has sugar in it (and both butter and shortening)! And the whole reason I picked is was because of a line on the Smitten Kitchen recipe:
Certain pies, like, say, this Lattice-Topped Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, should be made every Memorial Day weekend, creating the most delicious bridge between rhubarb and strawberry season, during the most welcome break between winter and summer.
Isn't that perfect? I made it with rhubarb from Aunt Mirna mixed with some from Pike Place Market and strawberries from Safeway. They were kind of sour but this recipe has both white and brown sugar in it. I think we are in for a treat...when I decide it's okay to destroy it.
****Okay, I JUST realized, looking at the pictures compared to Smitten Kitchen's pie that I didn't weave the lattice like I should have, I just layed the strips on top of eachother willy-nilly. This is good news because now we can eat my ugly pie. Anyone want to come over tonight for pie?

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Hank Cameron Ewing said...

How dare you make that pie on a night when we are going out-of-town!!!!! That's my favorite! Now I have to hope that Winnie made one just to feel slightly better. DEV!!!! I want to sneak down to your house and eat it before anyone gets home-hehe. (stomach grumbling)
Guess we'll be stopping by before we go out of town (which we were gonna anyway because it's your anniversary soon and you're going out of town...but there's even a better reason-haha).
See ya later!!!