Friday, September 26, 2008

Real Wedding Goodness

Today my photographer, Cheryl ( emailed me to ask if she could submit our wedding for the "Real Weddings" feature on She thought the mix of cultures and the art aspect we added to the wedding would make a good story.

Just yesterday I was sorting through pictures to put in a little "Just Married" photo album. There were too many of my favorites to fit in the book. I am so thankful to have such pretty pictures. In the moment, it just went by too fast, I couldn't take it all in. So thank goodness I get to relive it again and again.

Does everyone think their wedding was worth a feature story? I feel like it may be my dramatic streak but honestly....when I was planning the wedding I was tablecloths at a wedding? graffiti? art? guys with dreds marrying curvy blonde girls? There weren't any pics that I could find for inspiration so as soon as I let myself be okay with our decisions, it all came together. In Magazine-Worthy fashion, of course.

1 comment:

Guilty Secret said...

From the photos I've seen, I think your wedding is definitely magazine worthy!

As for my own... I'll withhold judgement until I see our photos!