Monday, September 8, 2008

They're just words but....

Over the weekend, I coordinated my brother-in-law's sister's wedding (my sister's husband's sister). It sounds complicated but we are actually close families since my sister and her husband have been together for 11 years. I volunteered to help Katie with her wedding to build my portfolio for my new event planning business. And also, because I had heard they could use the help.

At the rehearsal we ran through the processional order and proceeded to eat a 7 course Italian meal that ended with tiramisu. Ugh, it was delicious. Katie's fiance's family was there from New York so we were all very loud and animated and it was the best combo of Northwesterners and New Yorkers that we had at our wedding. The best man, complete with Long Island accent and Irish eyes twinkling, proceeded to both kick a bum out of the restaurant who was asking for money and soothe a little baby boy who would not stop crying. He also made me cry during his speech and then had me laughing my head off with an interpretive ribbon dance. Seriously! The photographer, a close family friend, danced with the bride and he was holding her so tight. His sister grabbed his camera to try to document it but she couldn't figure out how to work it. After the dance ended, he was visible choked up with tears in his eyes. It was the sweetest moment. A fantastic group of people.

Katie had asked me to show up at 3 on Sunday but thankfully I knew better. I got there at 11:30 and got to add flower arranger to my list of duties. Katie had asked me for the ceremony that we used so she could use it as a guideline. I took out some of our very personal things but left some others like the welcome and the ring exchange ceremony for her to use as guidance. She ended up loving it and using it for their ceremony. Asher and I sat there, a few rows back, listening to our words in another beautiful wedding and it all felt so fresh again. It was just what we needed and reminded us that it is me and him, better or worse, we gotta work it out. They are just words but they sealed us, and now Katie and Michael, together as family.

It is hard doing the coordinating. I am so sore today and very sleepy but I loved it. When I was planning our wedding I knew I loved it but I have had my doubts about whether I just loved it because it was my own wedding. Yes, my wedding was special beyond words but also I just love weddings and I am really good at planning and telling people what to do and where to go (bossy? yes, bossy). And I guess I never would have known that if I hadn't had my own wedding. So I'm going forward with it. And I have another wedding on October 11th, for a stranger I met on Craigslist, and now I am totally confident that I can pull it off.


Guilty Secret said...

At one point the...?

(That sounded like the start of something good!)

Well done, sounds like you did a great job :)

Guilty Secret said...

Oh and that's great that you heard those words again just when you guys needed it :)

Love + Marriage said...

Guilty, I was writing quickly at work so I didn't proof-read. I wanted to write about the best man and photographer because they were so emotional. I love that.
So I just edited it. Thanks!

senorgpandgrammie said...

Your talents constantly amaze me, I don't know why....I guess I just expect anything you do to be wonderful!!! The wedding was wonderful, as was yours, of course. Can't wait to hear of the wondrous things you do for others, so they can remember their "day of a lifetime!!!!"