Friday, October 3, 2008

I am a convert

I most always wear high heels. Or I should say until this week I always wore high heels. Even on the weekends and even though I am taller than my husband who is my same height in flat shoes. But I bought some cute, cute jeans at Lane Bryant and wandered next door and bought some cute, cute flats at Payless.

I love my jeans. They are sexy, long, stylish and they totally fit me right, curves and all. I love jeans and have about 30 pair in my closet that I buy thinking they will be "the ones" but they wash up weird or end up looking terrible on me. It is hard because I am in this place in between normal and plus sized clothes so usually the normal girl pants are too tight and the plus size girl jeans are ugly and too big or ill fitting. I love my new jeans. Asher loves my butt in my new jeans.

I never shop at Payless but I recently saw on the Patricia Fields website that she is designing a line for them. My store doesn't carry them but they carry other styles that are so super cute. And if I want to buy the Patricia Field's designs they give free shipping and free returns in the store. Plus, they are coupon crazy so I got a pair today for $10!

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Guilty Secret said...

I'm a relatively recent convert to flats too. They rock with the right jeans!