Monday, July 6, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City

I wanted to write about our anniversary trip to New York but I have been slackin'. I'll get to it eventually but right now I just have this lump in my throat because I want to move there so badly. I just saw a picture of an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn and I just felt like I needed to go home and tell Asher that we need to go. NOW.

Everything rational inside me says it isn't the right time, it never will be. I lost my chance when Asher moved out here, when I didn't do more to move out to be with him. But that would have been a different life. We wouldn't be where we are today. How can I leave family? How would we survive? Would Asher be able to do art for his work? Could I find a job that I loved? When could we have babies and then how would we feed and care for them?
So yes, more questions that answers and it wouldn't make sense but goddamn it...I just can't let this dream die.

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Hank Cameron Ewing said...

If you move, I will die :)
Just kidding...I know the feeling. B and I still are so angry at ourselves for settling in the 'burbs. If we had really just gone for it, we COULD have found something in the city and we wouldn't be spending our lives savings driving there every weekend while we're stuck in, I can't really say NOT to pursue your dream, I just am sayin' that I'd miss you.