Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Money

We officially have tickets to go to Long Beach to spend Sept. 9-13th with T, V&J. Our tickets were cheap! Only $350 for two round trip tickets on Jet Blue. And I will only work two days that week since it is the week of Labor Day. No work on Monday, only Tuesday and Wednesday. Yippee!

Also, it's the second Friday of the month which means it's the Long Beach Roll out. Ness and I will lace up our roller skates and Asher and Thomas will skateboard along side us, all through the town. How exciting. I'm gonna have to get one of Nessa's shirts that says...I "skate" LBC!
And today I found this Kate Spade vase on One Kings Lane:
And it matches two of the vases we got for our wedding: (I have the big pink one, and the small turquoise and now the little pink one. I can think of a ton of cute little arrangements with these beautiful vases...)

And only $45 and it's really heavy, leaded glass. I can hit someone over the head with it if they try to break in to our house. So I bought that too. Now I'm all done spending the big dough...

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JosieBeanLily said...

HELL YA! I can't wait for you guys to come up. I love the skating pic, so cute!