Thursday, February 19, 2009

How many points is that?

Okay team, here goes....I joined Weight Watchers last night. I got off work early and decided I would go to a meeting. Dev did so good losing weight there so I hope some of her good luck rubs off on me. I have pretended to do WW before but this time I figure if I write about it then I am holding myself accountable.

Here are a few things that started to make it clear that a lifestyle change was in order:
I joked about getting the Pizza Hut deal of 2 pizzas, cheese sticks and chocolate sticks. Then, on Valentine's Day, we actually ordered it. Shame, shame.
Asher brings me home a new bread pudding flavor every day he works at the market. We split it (now) but I am sure these are terribly bad for you. I looked up a recipe and it contains massive amounts of cream and butter. Not to mention chocolate.
Daily I set in my mind like, "Today is the day to watch what I eat" but I have to take some action to make it actually be THE DAY. Ya know?
I talk really bad to myself and my depression is looming. Is that any way to live as a newlywed?
My body is not well and I can feel it. My knees hurt, my feet hurt, I have no stamina when I exercise. I generally love to exercise and I am not getting any joy from it right now.
I want to have a baby and want to be as healthy as I can be for it. And I want to be feeling HOT while I'm making that baby. It's a great motivator isn't it Dev?

SO here goes...they say you generally lose two pounds a week if you are losing weight in a healthy manner. I will report back next Thursday.

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