Sunday, February 15, 2009

My latest crush

RUG LOVE - by loveplusmarriage on

Okay...I'm note sure what your reactions will be but I am utterly in love with this rug. It is crazy and colorful and oh so charming. I think it adds some of that "kooky-ness" that seems like my style. It jazzes up the couch and chair. Plus there is some pink in there but maybe not so much that it scares Asher? I could point out that our "couch" now is kind of pink and he's been living with that for a few years. I have read tons of reviews of this sofa and they are overwhelmingly positive. Five out of five stars on Macy's and numerous blogs and readers rate it the best mid-century sofa - even compared to higher priced models. The obsession is fully formed at this point. Oh the you hate it?

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