Friday, February 13, 2009

The rent won't be coming in March...or in April...or in June

So after Nessa's reply to my previous post, I followed her link. And oh my, oh my. I have to say thank you because not only can I not afford their cat scratching posts but I am now in tormoil between either paying to sustain life for the next three months or purchasing this chair.

Don't you just want to lounge in it naked? Is it just me? Is the baby blue ultra suede going to my head? Does one have to pay rent (cough, cough, Ness)? This chair fits all my requirements. Lovely color. Lovely texture. Pin-tucks. Odd shape. Now I have to try to forget is exists and costs $2700. Thanks. Thanks a bunch.

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JosieBeanLily said...

OMG...this chair is a beauty! Maybe a little sexy side job would create more income. I'm sure Asher wouldn't mind selling himself on the street corner. HAAA! He may come home with enough to buy two matching chairs.

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