Thursday, February 26, 2009

The role of "MEGAN" shall be played by this rug

This is a dream which I thought had died. It is a rug called Werner and I love her.

She was originally located on the Macy's website and I saved the picture on my desktop and in polyvore. When I went to see if they had it in stock, the friendly salesperson looked online and couldn't find it, even using my same search. I went home to prove us wrong but in my horror, it was gone.

I didn't even write down her name.

Today I wandered through Dania and there were two rugs hanging crooked. Right behind them...behold. My rug peeking out at me! Winking at me you could say.

I held up my couch swatches to her and they DID NOT MATCH. Another let down. But, I couldn't be stopped. They actually make a runner which would be darling in our hallway. And the part that looks black is actually charcoal like the tile in the bathroom. I do not know what it is but this rug is just ME. Has that ever happened to anyone else? Have you ever found your match in a...rug?

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