Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess who's in our bedroom now?

Yes, my rug!
She came home last weekend. At first I thought she was too small, but mom showed me where it should be centered to be an accent piece and now I can't imagine her being anything other than what she is.
Biggie loves her too. He stretches, rolls and fluffs himself up when he sits on top of her but the first time he put claws to wool, he got scorned. I bought a pink water bottle at Ikea so that I can spray him if he even thinks about scratching her again. I had to spray him yesterday and he was so shocked. He screamed and whined at me for minutes afterward but I told him he better learn and quick. No one wants to be sprayed by cold water at seven in the morning.
This was the first time I exhibited dominance over my cat.

PS. This picture is dark but note that the wall color is delicious. I am so in love (paint color = Love Story by Benjamin Moore). Each time I walk into our bedroom I feel this incredible sense of calm. It is my favorite place in the whole world right now. I can't wait to finish decorating. You will get more pictures when it is all put together.


Hank Cameron Ewing said...

Maybe a little dominance will make him stop humping you-hahaha. Asher will have his lady all to himself!

I remember reading that you can put cayenne pepper on rugs to make a cat not scratch it. We did it and then sat and watched as Lucy licked it and rolled around in it. Uhh, so goes that theory! Apparently, she's a cat with a taste for spicy rugs!

The rug is very pretty...can't believe I haven't seen it yet.

JosieBeanLily said...

The room looks amazing! Is the color really called Love Story? I’m sure it makes you want to crawl in bed and read a good book – a love story!
I hope your kitties don’t shed too much…you may have to Bic em’!

senorgpandgrammie said...

Thanks for letting me help you paint in your bedroom transformation...I absolutely LOVE IT....and I didn't have to wash out a single roller!!! It was fun to be and the kitties (before they were banned from the room :)). What's the next project???? I think you've got the bug!!!