Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh! Little Lamb

On Gilt Group, LAMB was the special of the day. I tried to figure out if it was worth going penniless for the next two weeks in order to purchase this. I am always coveting Gwen Stefani's handbags. I once debated buying the Rasta hobo and I made Asher stand at the Nordstrom's sales counter while the woman tried to locate it at another store. Thank God they didn't have it in stock. When it became too difficult to obtain, I tried to forget about it. Then today, this little gem showed up. And it is not $525 but a measly $198. Wahahahaha.
No I did not buy it.
Right now I would rather have a beautiful vintage chenille bedspread.
Where have I gone wrong? Or oh, so right? I would rather decorate my pretty bedroom than my wrist. I call that growing up and I'm sneakily happy that I won't get killed by my husband who knows how much LAMB bags cost (but not how much vintage chenille bedspreads cost).
Mother, I have this one thing to say to you....Don't Speak*.
*You have to click on the link to get the joke, Ma. It is No Doubt (with Gwen) singing a song called Don't Speak. Okay, I just explained my own joke, I suck. But please, let's not discuss how much my future bedspread costs. K? Love you!

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senorgpandgrammie said...

I haven't checked in for awhile. It was nice to see your bedroom and rug! And I did a quick survey of the blog. Love the artwork and energy. I'll be back soon. Love, (good ol') da