Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where did Ashondie come from?

Ashondie is the celebrity couple name for Asher and I. See it is part Asher, part Blondie.

When Asher and I were a new couple, I took advantage of my free time and free copy machine at my old job. I spent time re-sizing both of our heads so that they would fit over Heidi Klum and Seal's heads in an ad. They were the best photo I could find with an interracial couple and our heads ended up fitting perfectly. I mailed the picture to Asher, stuck inside of a People magazine.

I remember when he got it, his friend and his friend's girlfriend were there and they were like, "she's kinda crazy." And his friend was like, "why don't you do stuff like that for me?" to his girlfriend.

One of the best things about meeting someone and having a long distance romance is that you have an opportunity to surprise and delight them in unexpected ways. We had ridiculously long telephone conversations and lots of packages sent through the mail. I got creative and once sent him pumpkin bread via priority mail. The post office lady loved it (and so did Asher)!

Now that we are newly married, we are the Loctors but I still like the sound of Ashondie. It reminds me of where we started.

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Guilty Secret said...

Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!

(Next time I comment, I'll try to be more articulate. I just love stuff like that and could only think: that is so cute!)