Thursday, June 26, 2008

I want to be good, I do

Today I want to be better at:
  1. removing my nail polish when it starts to chip off
  2. not going to work with wet hair
  3. not leaning on my elbows
  4. doing things I think about doing (see #4-6)
  5. finishing thank you cards and making them meaningful
  6. designing an invitation for Dev's baby shower
  7. exercising


JosieBeanLily said...

If you need help w/ Dev's cards, just let me know. I have Paintshop, so for example if you have a pattern you want placed in the background of any image, I'm your women.

Guilty Secret said...

Wow... that's a lot of stuff to remember, never mind do! Maybe you should concentrate on one per week for the next few weeks...?

Love + Marriage said...

You are so right. I just now took the polish off my toenails (from May 24th). Apparently this wasn't the top priority for awhile.