Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mrs. Loctor

It is official, I have a new license from the DMV with my picture and another name on it.

I gave the woman the paperwork, she had me sign my new name. Then, I wrote the check and signed my old name. She told me to wait for them to call my name.

A few minutes later, a man called, 'Megan Loctor?'

My tummy did little flip-flops and I felt my face get flush. I walked over and told him, 'That's the first time I've heard my new name called.' He said, 'Oh, it must be Mrs. Loctor then?' Yep, Mrs. Loctor.

'Well, stand behind that line and smile until you see the flash, Mrs. Loctor.'

'This will be your temporary card for the next 2 weeks until your new license arrives, Mrs. Loctor.'

'Thank you, Mrs. Loctor.'

He really said it that many times! I giggled and left with butterflies in my tummy. I knew it was going to happen but hearing and responding to my new name was really strange and funny.

Love + my latest alias,



Guilty Secret said...

Seriously, with the cuteness?!

I am sliiiiiightly obsessed with my new name.

I just showed our wedding website to Baddie the other day and it was the first time he had seen my new name in print. He made a noise like, "he!"

I said, "it's weird, isn't it?"

I can't wait to hear a stranger say it now after reading this!

Love + Marriage said...

I know! The hubbys love it too. Wait until he uses every opportunity possible to start calling you his wife. It is glorious!