Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We received a few photos from our photographer which made me feel relieved! This was one aspect I thought was perfect and then the day of the wedding, I was worried that all of it wouldn't be captured.

Honestly, I barely saw Cheryl at all that day so I thought she was absent. I guess that is the work of a photojournalist photographer - they just capture moments that are happening, not staged. Seriously, see the one where Asher is putting the rings on my finger. Amazing!

Photos from Cheryl Jones at


Guilty Secret said...

AWWWWW!!! The look on your face in that first one! And just the loveliness of it all... and your husband is gorgeous!

Love + Marriage said...

Thank you so much, Guilty. It is a pleasure having you here!

Bahareh & Jelsen said...

CONGRATS! its amazing that i ACTUALLY know what you two felt on that day! ha.

good stuff, and of course, many wonderful wishes to youz.

- jelsen