Friday, June 13, 2008

My Playlist

I am seriously busy today but I am listening to my playlist on my blog while I work and I totally recommend it. This is what I wanted the dj to play. It would have cramed the dancefloor at our wedding, I'm sure. He played the macarena. There was a pre-wedding consultation were I said no to that sorta thing. But I guess people still danced so what do I know. Now, Asher and I hear songs and we turn to eachother and say, "Ooooooh, we should have asked him to play this..." and most times it was on the have-to-play list.
Someday we will throw a little party and have our ipod do the work.


JosieBeanLily said...

I agree on having a little party of your own. Those moments will last a lifetime.

senorgpandgrammie said...

I have to tell you that when we were at the cabin, where dad has ALLLLLL his oldies and goodies, he started playing Melissa Manchester and oh boy, did I get melancholy, simply because I thought (about 25 years ago) that when the day came for your wedding, we would totally play: YOU DON"T DRIVE A BIG BLACK CAR..... I was SO mad at myself for not remembering!!! But, that's ok....we'll play it for your daughter's wedding someday :)
Love you mucho grande.

Guilty Secret said...

Yeah, this is why we're going for the iPod option even though so many wedding bloggers warn against it.

Sounds like you still had a great party and I completely agree about throwing a party with your own music... for an anniversary, perhaps?

Love + Marriage said...

I love my ipod!I support your position 100%! My brother had an ipod wedding and my brother-in-law dj'd it and it was hilariously, outrageously fun. Get the right person and maybe have them DJ between two ipods. It will be wonderful!