Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Art for a cause

There is an art competition for political art to be hung at the Democratic National Convention. It is sponsored by Obey and Upper Playground, two of my favorite art/political brands. Seriously, I hope that Asher and I contribute something to this because now is the time for making a political statement. It is so important that we don't let the old cronies keep running our country into the sewers.

Plus, there is a local art show. The crew at Bherd studios is calling for political art. I love the idea of contributing locally too. Time to get to work! The kind of "work" we love.

I want to do a cut 'n paste of el Comandante Marcos. He is a hero of mine for working on behalf of the people in Chiapas, Mexico. I always feel myslef supporting the underdog, people who are opressed by big governments, corporations, and economic racism/culturalism. I think this is what I will work on for the local show. He also looks so cool with his face covered by a mask, smoking a pipe, riding a horse, with those bullet belts crossing his chests. It's enough to make a politically-minded girl swoon.

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Guilty Secret said...

I cannot wait to see this! How big are you going to do it? There's quite a lot of detail in his outfit.