Friday, August 29, 2008

While I am on the subject of money

We just received a generous monetary gift from an old family friend and we don't know what we are going to do with it. When the wedding money comes in, there is so much weight to it. You feel an obligation to spend it on something that will signify the beginning of your lives. First thought....a fancy paper cutter (Asher calls it a guillotine, which I love). Second thought, another set of our flatware. We have 6 sets so far and it is so lovely, I don't mind accumulating slowly and bustin' suds often.

We also got a big gift card to Target from my mama's cousin. I tried to keep this one a secret but when I checked the balance online, I accidently left it there and Asher found it.

And last Tuesday night, we attended a timeshare presentation and received a $50 American Express gift card and a three night stay at a resort nearby. All for being tempted focus our lives around vacations (as if we weren't trying that trick already).

We haven't decided what to do with all this yet so right now we are feeling loaded.

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Guilty Secret said...

Take your time because when it's gone it's gone!

(We Brits call it a guillotine too.)