Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekends in August Part 1 - Olympia

The first weekend in August, Dev, B, Asher and I took a trip down to Olympia to spend time with Toby and Olivia. Tob is my oldest friend. I am bad at holding on to friends when I move or change or whatever and somehow with Tob, we always reconnect and still fit. It is mostly because he is a constant joke cracker and my laughtrack is always cue'd up. A year ago he married the girl most perfect for him and they made the cutest house together. She used to be vegan and was slaving away almost all day making the most deliciously vegetarian food, candied walnuts for the salad, fish and even pork chops for the meat-a-holics. What a gem. B talked us all into drinking cider and tequila with limeade (my favorite) and Dev let me feel her belly a lot and got to snuggle with the anti-social Towns while B attempted to love up the chompy/frisky old lady cat. It was a really wonderful weekend. Bonus, at one point Asher was rubbing my feet and Toby and I were talking and he was like..."I always knew you'd marry a really cool guy." I know, right?

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