Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Reinvention

I am a total homebody, I admit it. I will look forward to something for weeks and then when the time comes, I chicken out (socially) and end up occupying myself at home. The time slips by and I am guilty every minute of it. To make things worse I married someone just like myself except he doesn't get the guilty part.

This has happened recently on the Fourth of July. I was so honestly so excited about a friend's party. As it was getting closer, I kept finding out that people I knew wouldn't be there. This is silly because I could go and have a perfectly good time. Instead, we cat-sat at my sister's house and watched a marathon of To Catch a Predator. Pathetic. We didn't even go to my parent's house to watch the fireworks over the lake, and we were housesitting there too!

I wanted to start a business but I have trouble answering my phone when it rings. I am entirely too content in my little bubble and the interruption is.....irritating.

I am going to try to reinvent myself as a social butterfly. I don't think it has gotten to unhealthy levels yet so there is still hope.

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Guilty Secret said...

Oh how weird I just got a comment in my inbox from you as I was here reading this... our blogging paths crossed!

Anyway... I'm like this too. I would happily not answer my phone, erm, ever, if it weren't for the guilt.

I always turn up at parties, though. I'm happy to be sociable with plenty of notice :)