Friday, August 1, 2008

The one that is the smallest, that I love the most

I am so excited to post some crafty stuff I have been doing for the upcoming baby shower of my baby sister. For some reason, I'm not quit sure, I have been super inspired by the theme. I just want to be creating all day long. Last night I roped my honeybunches into helping me. He is crafty too! Maybe is is post-wedding energy? Nesting instinct? Baby yearning? Whatever, here is a sneak peak because it is all I can stand. Otherwise, I will blurt it out all over this darn blog.


Guilty Secret said...

Ok, Blondie, so apparently I'm now your official biggest fan ;)

Loved catching up tonight and glad to have found your charming blog!

Love + Marriage said...

Oh Guilty, you are too kind. Your's was the first blog I ever commented on (other than family blogs) and I love catching up and reading your engrossing story! It is honest, raw and fun and sssshhhh...a secret!