Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love + Art + My Etsy Shop

I posted two listings on my very own, brand new, etsy site.

It was named Love + Art because my wedding company is Love + Marriage and because ever since I started writing to a pen pal when I was 18, I always closed off my letters with a ...Love + "Something Clever". So I'm starting a full service company of Love + Anything That I Feel Like. So far it is a couple different projects I like to think sort of relate to each other (marriage and art). Asher can't wait for Love + Waffles even though I am not well known for my waffles...yet.

Take it easy on me. I just wanted to get something up so I haven't refined my selling "voice" or policies. I hope to make it really dynamic with a lot of different types of art available. I wanted to have things in all price points. We'll see if I start making cards at $10 a pop and feel like I ripped myself off. I can't imagine charging more because I personally wouldn't pay more. I just know I tend to underestimate the time and effort involved. But it is, after all, a labor of love.

I hope I get a ton of business and can have my own company (companies) and quit working for someone else. Dream big? Yeah, pretty much.

Spread the word....Love+Art (LovePlusArt) was born today.

Love + crafty hands,

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Guilty Secret said...

That is so cute signing off your letters to your penpal like that! Best of luck with your Etsy shop, I'm sure you'll do very well. And I had to laugh at Love + Waffles - brilliant!