Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekends in August Part 2 - Asher's Art Show

Asher was part of an urban art gallery show called "Spray it, Don't Say it." It included many different artists including some locals, a well know street artist from Paris, Jeff Aerosol, and a girl from Brooklyn who actually knew AV. She was going to fly with him to our wedding because he was scared to fly. The world just gets smaller. Plus, the artist who curated the show, Kim aka Soule, was really awesome, as was her boyfriend, and Asher will make fun when I say I want us to be friends with them.

It was a warm day except it rained while the artists were all doing live painting. Asher kept it up until the airbrush started reacting to the wetness in the air. Dev and B came and we went and had an ice cream/gelato break. B had more cider and sampled the keg.

Asher sold some prints so we were excited to go out to dinner and then Dan treated us to dinner with he and his girl, Laura. I am so excited by the exposure Asher is getting. He was interviewed for a documentary and even though I was eavesdropping and wanted to answer all the questions for him, I think he did a good job reppin' himself.

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Guilty Secret said...

He he that is such a cool name for the show!